Bringing The Customer Satisfaction
ATID supports customized services for our customers.
Leading export business
We export RFID Handheld Reader and Bluetooth Reader and It supports various OS such as Windows, Android, iOS.
Leading Supplier
"We are leading the export of overseas RFID PDA with our professional staff and accumulated know-how for a long time."


We are proudly offering advanced products to clients with a differentiated expertise in Industrial PDAs and UHF RFID Handheld Readers. Our most comprehensive know-how is the market is backed by two decades of developing and deploying products for mission-critical projects.

ATID - As Enterprise Mobile Manufacturer

Through industrial mobile solutions, ATID believes in "Customer Value Creation".

ATID is providing Industrial PDA & UHF RFID Handheld Reader products to market over decade. AT880 had leaded Windows Mobile Reader market. Nowadays, AT907 (UHF RFID Android Reader) and multiple UHF RFID Bluetooth Readers are designed to meet the requirements of complex enterprise. Our product line is designed for easy -of- use and most reliable performance.

ATID - As a Global Enterprise

Technology development and innovation have been core competencies to build truly world-class products.

As a global enterprise, ATID has a treasure of knowledge gained through our partners in the past decades. We have ensured that building products with industry best practices while considering essential requirements of markets worldwide. All our products are CE / FCC certified. We are looking forward to serving you in the future.

ATID - As most Trusted Company

ATID has gained the trust of customers worldwide through constant innovation and commitment to providing reliable products. We benchmark our constant effort to retain this trust as the most valuable asset for future growth and sustenance.