“We are a leading manufacturer of Industrial Mobiles for Enterprise Mobility. Our professional staff and accumulated know-how for a long time enable us to service customers worldwide.”

Welcome to ATID.

Thanks for your time reading this message. We have been leading Industrial PDA and RFID Handheld Industry since 2003. Our engineering efficiency has been validated with the deployment of devices in several mission-critical projects worldwide.

We have been keeping a leading position due to innovative and first time use of technologies in enterprise data acquisition systems. Based on the rich experience, technology expertise and trust built with partners worldwide that we have been engaged in the RFID market for nearly 20 years, we have recently matured our business to handle complete chain of RFID solution deployment including TAGS, FIXED READERS, HANDHELDS and looking forward to more exciting work of IoT.

In the future, ATID will play a pivotal role in IoT ecosystem as it is an eventual evolution of passive RFID Technology where more intelligence is going to be added with sensor interfaces. We look forward to creating infinite success stories by multiplying the value of each business division, multiplying the enthusiasm and efforts of its employees, creating synergies, sharing success experiences and mutual trust.

We will be reborn as a company that realizes customer value through constant challenge. Above all, we will strive to become ATID that is loved by customers and society.

I wish you all success, health, and happiness at all times.

Thank you

Kim Chang ILe